May Madness Comes to a Close

Did you miss this weekend’s madness in the Lacrosse arena? We’ve got a full recap for you!

Women’s Lacrosse

Northwestern stormed past Syracuse University for their 7th NCAA Championship title in only eight years.  It was a close game right up to the finish with a final score of 8-6. On Sunday night, Taylor Thoron of Northwestern had her dream come true by scoring the game-winning goal. However, no one could have been played more impressively than Shannon Smith, a senior from Long Island, New York. Smith said she was more than happy she was able to begin her career on Long Island and finish it there as well, according to ESPN.  In the Semi finals game against Maryland, Shannon racked up four goals.  Not slowing down a bit, she scored 2 more goals and had 2 assists against Syracuse in the finals.  Now, to go along with her 3rd NCAA national championship trophy, Shannon was also awarded her second straight Most Outstanding Player award.   It is such a great thing to see Women’s Collegiate sports become so competitive and fun to follow. Thanks to all the great female athletes who bring sports to a new level.  Congratulations on your win and thanks for keeping it interesting!

Men’s Lacrosse

Memorial Day Weekend was full of hits, goals, and excitement for the Men’s NCAA Championship game.  #1 ranked Loyola took on the University of Maryland on Memorial Day for the Championship.  Loyola of Maryland came out on top with their first ever NCAA National Championship victory!  In the pre season, Loyola was not even ranked and it had been speculated that they would not reach the tournament.  Little did the naysayers realize they would finish the season ranked first and win the tournament. Unfortunately for Maryland, it was their second straight loss in the final game. The score was 9-3 with the fewest goals allowed in a game by Loyola’s goaltender Jack Runkel, ESPN reported. Loyola scored 7 goals beginning with the first quarter.  It wasn’t so much a domination by Loyola, as it was a lack of communication and confusion experienced by the Maryland defense.  Eric Lusby, a graduate student of Loyola, was able to score five goals in the semi final game against Notre Dame.  He also was able to secure the victory by scoring the final three goals in the Championship Game.  Even more impressive than his goal streaks, was when he was interviewed by ESPN, he gave credit to his teammates and the offensive unit, rather than himself… classy!  Congratulations and have a great off-season, you deserve it.  Remember, don’t throw off that lacrosse swing with too much Golf this summer!

Written by Guest Blogger, Stephen Brooks


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