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With finals being done and summer starting to pick up, one would think that the break from classes would bring on an immediate wave of relaxation. But, with summer jobs and internships picking up speed, summer “vacation” seems like a far off dream of childhood. We all handle stress differently, but it’s important to take a break from the pressure and simply chill out once in a while.  Don’t know where to start? We’ve got a bunch of ways to help you relax. Keep reading!

Guided Imagery: According to, imagining a relaxing environment can be as stress-reducing as actually being there. When combined with regulated breathing, this technique can be a simple way to escape the stresses of everyday life.

Yoga: The combination of breathing exercises, meditation, and some light exercise will help your body become resilient to stress. When you are doing yoga you focus on your breathing and nothing else, which helps clear your mind. I personally love yoga and highly recommend it!

Playing Games: Playing games is another effective method for taking your mind off a stressful situation. Games like solitaire and Tetris are my favorites and can help you get your mind off of whatever is causing stress.

Music Therapy: Whether it’s relaxing music or listening to the radio, turn up the tunes, sit back, and relax. Just focus on the music, because nothing else matters at the moment! The American Music Therapy Association has shown that music with a strong beat stimulates your brain — faster beats help you to concentrate, and a slower tempo promotes calmness.

Take a Walk: Throw on your sneakers and take a walk. Walking helps to distract you from your stress. You can focus on where you’re walking, the scenery, or maybe see a neighbor or friend along the way! When you walk, or do any kind of exercise, your body releases a hormone called endorphins, which make you happy!  It also decreases cortisol, the stress hormone.

Time Management: Limit stress by giving yourself more time to complete tasks.  Leave 15 minutes earlier for class so you won’t be rushed; make a to-do list — anything to keep you organized.

Do you swear by any of these techniques? Post a comment and share it with us!

Written by Guest Blogger, Maria Cafferata


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