Summer Job Series: Starting the Job Search

When we posted on our Facebook page asking what the ultimate graduation gift would be, a remarkable number of you responded with one thing – a job! While it’s easy to get discouraged during a seemingly endless job hunt, we’re here to make sure you’re ready to tackle the search with a fresh set of eyes and a renewed sense of motivation. We’ll be back every Wednesday with insight and tips for how to work towards your dream job or internship this summer. Today we’re kicking off our Summer Job Series by sharing some important ideas for getting started on your job search. Buckle up – the road to success can be bumpy!

Look at the Bigger Picture – Think about what the ultimate purpose of your job will be. Is it to gain experience in the field you want to work in? Is it to develop a specific skill? Do you just need the money? Once you determine why you’re looking, you’ll be able to further determine what exactly you’re looking for. For each job you come across, ask yourself: could this help me with my goal?

Think Outside the Box – As a marketing student, I used to think that the only useful summer job would be a marketing-focused internship. What I failed to realize was that broadening the scope of my job search would actually open up the door to even more opportunities and experiences. An enormous variety of positions held the tools for developing valuable skills for the field I ultimately wanted to work in AND, because I would be applying to more jobs, I would have a higher chance of success in securing one of them. Like I mentioned before, ask yourself: could this help me with my goal in any way (even a small way)? If the answer is yes, go for it.




Use Any and All Resources – Sites like and are not only great for getting started with your job hunt, they’re free! Browse through the listings and mark down any job that could possibly be valuable to you – and don’t be picky! In addition, scan your local newspapers and job boards for other postings that might be useful. Let people know that you’re actively looking. For all you know, your neighbor down the street could have a great connection that would have otherwise gone undetected! Even if they don’t have any postings, reach out to specific companies or organizations and ask them about summer job or internship opportunities. Leave no stone unturned.

Don’t be Picky – When I was younger, my mother frequently quoted the adage, “Beggars can’t be choosers.” I never understood the meaning until I began hunting for jobs in my teen years. “Mrs. Smith’s” babysitting job may not be the glamorous position you were gunning for, but I’ll bet she’ll make a great personal reference if you do well. I’m not saying you should necessarily settle for unpaid manual labor, but understand that you’re the one who needs the job.

Check back next week for more help with your job search! We’ll be bringing you tips for polishing your resume and cover letter. Happy Hunting!


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