The Roommate Diaries – Making a Good Impression

When getting ready for college my biggest concern wasn’t being away from home or the classes I had to take, it was who my roommate was going to be. After all, the size of my dorm room was about half the size of my room at home AND I had to share it with someone. I’ve never shared a room before…. I knew I was in for a bit of culture shock.

I remember finding out who she was. I added her on Facebook and patiently waited for her to accept my friend request. When she accepted she didn’t know we were roommates until I posted “Hey Roomie!” on her wall!

As I’m sure everyone does when they become friends with their roommates on Facebook they creep on everything from pictures to wall posts! My poor roommate was at work when I wrote it (shout out to Marabella’s Family Restaurant!)  so she and her sister were trying to “stalk” me through a little screen on her smart phone.

We talked on and off throughout the summer about who was bringing the TV and the refrigerator and other random things that every dorm room needs. This is a conversation that every group of roommates needs to have – so don’t avoid it!

As a junior in college, I have decided that I should help the incoming freshman class deal with their new experiences on campus. For this reason, I’m bringing plenty of advice on how to talk to your roommate before you actually meet.

Here is a picture of us moving in on the first day! So exhausted but oh so excited to start a new chapter of our lives, together!

  1. First and most importantly, be you! Yes, you need to know who is bringing certain things, but you also need to find out what you have in common. After all, you’ll be living with this person for the next year, in very close quarters.
  2. Some good conversation starters?  Talk about your summer plans, sports played in high school, relationships, friends, graduation, siblings, basically everything. Both of you need to realize how important this friendship is to your happiness and success at college.   Street Directory also has a great list of conversation starters for you and your roommate to talk about.
  3. Not only can you talk about what you’re bringing, but coordinate the look of your dorm, too!  Coordinate your comforter colors, the posters for your walls, etc.  The room has to match, doesn’t it? J
  4. Before you even move in, you also need to create a safe communication zone. This way when there is a problem with your living situation you feel comfortable enough to say something and not sit back and be miserable.
  5. 5. Also talk about when you are moving in. My roommate and I didn’t so we wound up, both years (because we lived together twice), moving all of our stuff in together. It was very crowded to say the least. Between the people and the amount of stuff there was not much room.
  6. After you move in you have to talk about sleeping habits, studying habits, and how you feel about friends sleeping over. Also things like the temperature of the room, how often you’ll clean, and if you can use each other’s stuff.

Overall, my message to all of you is to be open, be honest, and be caring. Most importantly, do not judge a book by its cover! Basing my opinion on my roommates Facebook, I was unsure how close we would be. However, after getting to know her before school, we have become best friends two years later and I could not have asked for a better roommate!

Written by Guest Blogger, Maria Cafferata


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