Electric Daisy Carnival: From “Sin” to “Spin” City!

After 22 years as an organization, it’s only appropriate that Rock the Vote (RTV) keep track of what today’s youth are rockin’ out to, as well as what concerts are drawing in these young masses. Rock the Vote reaches young people by going to where they are. And really, there’s no better way to register youth to vote and engage them face-to-face than by going to shows with them.  Staying true to this notion, Rock the Vote and Electric Dance Music (EDM) giant Insomniac Productions have created Spin the Vote (STV): a national voter registration program for the ever-growing EDM community. Spin the Vote will register voters at Insomniac festivals and online in 2012.

The program has already hunkered down and registered tons of young voters at a slew of Insomniac shows such as, Nocturnal Wonderland in Austin and Electric Daisy Carnival New York. Not to mention the biggest dance party in America – Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas.

At EDC Las Vegas, Spin the Vote had an awesome army of volunteers who delved into the sea of sparkles and neon each night at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. With clipboards in hand, our Spin the Vote volunteers were ready to give every festival-goer a chance to vote in 2012.  By the time the last beat dropped, we had registered hundreds of EDM fans from Alaska to Alabama.

The Spin the Vote team at EDC Las Vegas

And don’t worry – our team also took part in the colorful chaos. They ripped, cut and fringed their Spin the Vote tees into EDC-worthy wear, rocked their own fun accessories, and added some of our booth’s special patriotic props – how can you pass up an Uncle Sam hat or a red, white and blue garter?!

Our hot yellow buttons were a huge hit with the crowd. They looked awesome under the black lights and were handed out at a fierce pace. As our head volunteer coordinator, Addison Larrow aka DJ Wild Yeti said: “There are Spin the Vote pins on pretty much every article of clothing I own right now.”

The Spin the Vote Lounge was the perfect place to meet up with friends, chill on comfy couches, and take in the amazing stream of flair flowing between the Cosmic Meadow and Neon Garden stages. We had a great view of Steve Aoki “crowd rafting” during super party boy Afrojack’s set on Friday night.

Speaking of Diplo, we caught up with him backstage where he had some powerful words for EDM fans and the importance of Spin the Vote. We also had an amazing chat with Swedish DJs Rebecca & Fiona. Plus, their buddy Kaskade dropped by to sign a poster (who wants it?!) and gave his own STV shout-out. We even brought Russian trance master Arty into the mix!

Want to party? Choose a political party by registering to vote, SpintheVote.org.

For everyone at EDC Las Vegas who went #HAM or #YOLO or whatever acronym you’re using these days, we hope you saw our lit-up STV truck, had a chance to check out the booth or had a nice chat with one of our trusty volunteers. If not, you can still register to vote online at SpintheVote.org. So, what are you waiting for? Give the EDM community a voice and fight for your right to dance!

We’ve got a ton more Spin the Vote events planned, so look out for updates. You can also check out Rock the Vote’s On the Road page for other volunteer opportunities. Yup, we are blowing this thing up, so don’t miss out. Hope to see you crazy kids at the next EDM throw down!

~Written by Spin the Vote coordinator Becca Frucht


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