Summer Job Series: Perfecting Your Resume

During your job search, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Usually, this first impression is generated by employers viewing your resume. For this reason, it is crucial to make your resume the best it can possibly be. For the next installment of our Summer Job Series, we’ve got some advice to keep you – and your resume – on track.

Keep it Concise: Make sure your resume is thorough and contains all relevant information but try your best to keep it to one page. Employers are looking for what you have to offer to their company, not for a novel that details every job experience you have ever had. As a rule:

– Only include experience that connects to the position you are applying for. Unless you think three summers as an ice cream scooper will help you with a computer science internship, leave it off.

– Refrain from being “wordy” and using unnecessary words.

PROOFREAD: This was put in all capital letters for a reason – it’s important! Spelling and grammar mistakes will get your resume tossed out by most potential employers. Have a friend, family member, or career center comb through it for any errors.

Are you Elle Woods? No? Then pink and scented probably won’t work for your resume.

Pick your Format: Whether you use a template or craft your resume yourself, use a format that looks professional, but not distracting. Refrain from using overly decorative borders or fonts and print it on high-quality, plain paper. Pink and scented may have worked for Elle Woods, but most interviewers will be unimpressed. Keep it organized, sleek, and clear.

Consider it a Marketing Tool: Employers are only interested in your experience if they feel it will be an asset to their company. Explain what you accomplished during your work experience and how it would be beneficial to the position you’re applying for. Use numbers to quantify your progress. Being able to effectively sell yourself as a potential employee will help you land an interview and lay the foundation for being hired.

Be Honest: This might seem obvious, but resist the temptation to embellish. Be truthful – your employers will find out if you’re dishonest.

Have any other questions or tips to share? Post a comment below and we’ll be happy to follow up. Happy hunting!


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