What Does Color Say About You?

In honor of our newly offered Memorex 4GB Pivot Travel Flash Drives, we have decided to have a little fun with the variety of colors we’re offering. These fun, ultra-portable flash drives come in 6 different colors so we’re asking: what does the color you choose say about you? Have you ever wondered whether your preference for a certain color indicated something about your personality? You’re in luck! We did our research and found out more information about the study of color psychology. We’re bringing you your (unofficial) color personality.

Which color would you choose?


Your Choice: PINK – Choosing pink means that you are kind, loving, generous, and empathetic. You are also friendly and easily approachable. Others are attracted to your warm personality.

Your Choice: RED – People who choose red are often very extroverted. They are often courageous and confident individuals that are very physically active.

Your Choice: GREEN – Those who pick green are usually practical and very well grounded. Green personalities are generally stable and, not surprisingly, have a love of nature. They tend to be kind and generous as well.

Your Choice: BLUE – Opting for the color blue indicates a conservative and trustworthy personality. You rarely act impulsively and are known for being reliable.

Your Choice: PURPLE – Purple personalities are gentle spirits that often put others before themselves. They are compassionate and sensitive and are usually the one who others come to for help.

Your Choice: BLACK – Those who choose black are independent and strong-willed individuals. They can be conservative and serious as well.

What did your color say about you? Do you think it was accurate? Post a comment!


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