College Packing Made Easy

I am willing to admit it…I am a serial over-packer. I started shopping for college before I even graduated high school! However, a word of advice from me is to pack what’s necessary without going overboard. What’s the best way to figure out what comes to college and what stays home? Put together a packing list, of course. Lucky for you, we already started doing just that!

Don’t be overwhelmed by all of your things!

COLLEGE PACKING LIST (our suggestions, feel free to add your own):

Bedding (and extra bedding) – cover, sheets, quilt, pillows, etc.

Storage Bins for under your bed (I used these, you can fit 3 side-by-side under a twin bed)

Bed Risers (if allowed)

Shower Caddy & Shower Essentials

SHOWER SHOES! (flip flops will suffice, but you definitely need a pair)


Laundry & Cleaning supplies – Clorox wipes are your friend!

All-In-One tool – I got one with screwdrivers, mini scissors, etc. in it

Alarm Clock – don’t always depend on your phone

Back-up phone – I always brought my old phone in case mine broke

Command Hooks – for towels, coats, etc.

Power Strips – for electronics, again check your school’s rules

Flashlight – losing power in a dorm with no flashlight is awful, trust me

Computer and any necessary cases/accessories

Insurance Card

Desk Accessories & school supplies- I went a little crazy at Wal-Mart freshman year but now I don’t buy new stuff every year!

Mini Sewing Kit & Mini First Aid Kit

Desk Lamp – the overhead lights in your room make it feel like a jail cell, bring your own lamp, don’t forget the light bulbs

Mattress covers & pad – you don’t really want to sleep on a bare dorm mattress

Picture frames – your room will need some decor!

Keep a notepad on hand (or a list in your phone) and jot any ideas down as they come to you! You might also want to consider doing a quick “What to bring to college” Google search for ideas.

Was there anything we left off the list? Post a comment and we’ll add it!

Written by Guest Blogger, Maria Cafferata


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