Style That Gives Back: Bridge for Africa Telephone Wire Bracelets

Believe it or not, we’ve reached the final installment of this summer’s Style That Gives Back series (we’re tearing up!). Each week we spotlighted some of our favorite Fair Trade items from all over the globe. From Colombia to Kenya to Thailand, these items came to us from all over and we couldn’t have been happier to share their stories with you. In this final post, we’ll be featuring the fabulous Telephone Wire Bracelets from Bridge for Africa.

Bridge, which stands for Building Resources to Inspire Dignity, Growth and Empowerment, began in 2003. By chance, an African woman and an American woman met in South Africa. There, they discussed the extraordinary art that comes out of the African continent and the lack of rewards the talented artisans receive for producing it. From this realization, they envisioned a non-profit organization focused on fixing this problem. And so, Bridge for Africa was born.

Today, this organization is a respected producer of contemporary crafts, jewelry, and artwork in the American market. As proud members of the Fair Trade Federation, they offer fair wages, equal working opportunities, and a commitment to safe working conditions. Their goal is to provide stable work and a living wage to all of their talented artists. They promote sustainable development in Africa and hope to help provide hope for future generations.

The Telephone Wire Bracelets are not just colorful statement pieces but chic additions to any outfit. Worn alone or in sets of two or three, they’ll capture everyone’s attention with their vibrancy. These unique items are all handmade and available in select campus bookstores. Swing by today!

Fashion for a cause never goes out of style. Look good. Do good. Feel good.

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