College Credit Cards: Do’s and Don’ts

Building a good credit score is important. Once you graduate from college, there is a good chance you’ll look into buying a house or a car and this can be near-impossible without a good credit rating. However, using a credit card irresponsibly can be incredibly disastrous. We’ve got some Do’s and Don’ts to keep you on track.


–  Research which type of card to get. Talk with your parents and see which card is right for you. Don’t go with the first company to offer you a card.

–  Stick to one card. It might be tempting to take out another credit card in order to get a higher line of credit, but avoid it. Too many cards can get complicated and increase your chances of missing payments. For now, stay with one card and build slowly but surely.

–  Pay on time, ALL the time. Pay off your balance in full every month – don’t get stuck paying interest. A good credit score is based on how well you manage your credit, so start managing it properly from the beginning.

–  Read through your monthly statement. Keep an eye out for any mysterious charges.





–  Charge more than you can pay. Don’t assume you’ll somehow come into money later on. If you can’t pay off the bill, don’t charge it in the first place.

–  Pay late. Late fees are not just a blemish on your score, they’re very costly. Credit card companies make money off of people who pay late – don’t be one of them.

–  Exceed your limit. Exceeding your credit limit will result in a fine. Don’t waste the money, it’s unnecessary.

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