DIY Dorm: Chevron Soles

Celebrities everywhere can be seen stomping around in their crimson-soled Louboutin’s. Well, for those of us that shop within a slightly lower (okay, much lower) price range, we’ve got an amazing DIY. Show your weary soles some serious TLC with this budget-friendly project that helps any pair of heels step it up.

What You’ll Need:


Nail Polish color of your choice
Tape (Scotch Tape works fine)
Pair of heels

What You’ll Do:

1. We went with this season’s favorite metallic, gold, to add some shine to our shoes. We used “The Next CEO” from Nicole by O.P.I. as our shade (available at select campus bookstores!).

2. Using Scotch tape, we lined the sides of the sole in order to prevent the polish from getting on the body of the shoe.

3. Now, using the tape, you’re going to form the stencil for the chevron pattern. Snip a few small pieces and place them zig-zagged (like pictured).

4. Using the nail polish, paint along the outline you just created with the tape. You may need to add a second or third coat, depending on your preference. Let dry and remove the tape.

5. Repeat this step towards the top of the sole. You may have to cut the tape thinner so that it does not peel off your previous lines.

6. Make sure all of the paint is dried. Peel off any excess tape and enjoy your new shoes!

Pick up Nicole by O.P.I. nail polish at select campus bookstores and you’re ready to get started!


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