Popular Halloween Costumes 2012

Two-thousand and twelve has been a whirlwind of a year. From the blockbuster-packed summer to the upcoming Presidential election, there has not been a dull moment. The good news? A busy year like this one provides TONS of inspiration for the perfect Halloween costume. We decided to pull out our crystal ball and see what the popular costumes the future holds. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous than the usual kitten/witch/pumpkin routine, keep reading!

Presidential Candidates – With the election only a few weeks away, we’re predicting that plenty of Halloween parties will be filled with political parties. Whether it’s Obama lookalikes or Romney replicas, Halloween is sure to be extra presidential this year.

Honey Boo Boo – Love her or hate her, this pint-sized beauty queen has everyone talking. All you will need is a pageant dress and some hilarious one-liners (and maybe some Go-Go Juice).

Psy – Korean pop sensation, Psy, took the world by storm with his fast-paced, strangely choreographed dance-anthem, “Gangnam Style.” Grab your powder blue suit, learn the dance, and you’re on your way to a fabulous Halloween costume.

Batman Characters – Batman costumes will never go out of style, but Joker costumes are sooo 2008. Wipe off your face paint because, this year, Bane and Catwoman will be out and about on Halloween. Whether you strap on a face mask or squeeze into a catsuit, you’ll be turning the heads of everyone in and out of the DC Universe.

Zombies – Though True Blood and The Twilight Saga have made vampires the monster-costume frontrunners for the past few years, we believe that Zombies will be hungrily gnawing their way to the top in 2012. With shows like The Walking Dead breaking records, you’ll have plenty of places to find inspiration.

Katniss Everdeen – First she emerged as victor of The Hunger Games and now she’s leaving her mark on Halloween. You can easily pull together an outfit to resemble her arena uniform and finish it off with a bow and arrow. The real difficulty will be in deciding whether you’re “Team Peeta” or “Team Gale.”

The Avengers – We couldn’t complete this list without including the plethora of super heroes from one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters. Hulk or Iron Man, Thor or Captain America, we’re sure there will be no shortage of Marvel’s favorite team this Halloween.

KimYe – Like it or not, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are one of America’s most talked about couples.  So while we’re not encouraging short-lived (okay, extremely short-lived) marriages or interrupting Taylor Swift’s VMA acceptance speech, we’re still looking forward to seeing all the different versions of this spotlight-loving twosome.

Which costumes do YOU think are going to make a splash this year? Post a comment and we’ll share it with our readers!


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