Ways to Give Back this Season

With all the mid-semester commotion of tests, papers, and the upcoming holiday season, it’s easy to think positively upon giving back without any making any specific plans to do so. There are so many ways on campus, in the local community, and at a global level to easily make a difference by giving some of your time to the right aid organization. We promise!

Each time you share the site (www.bnctextbookrental.com), we’ll donate $1 to Habitat!

This year you helped us help Habitat for Humanity and now we are here to help you help (phew, say that five times fast).

A few minutes and a pint… of blood.

According to the American Red Cross, “Almost 20 percent of the millions of donations made each year come from high school and college blood drives.” Finding out about blood drives on campus or even hosting your own through a club or organization you’re involved in can save lives. In fact, each time someone donates blood it can help save up to 3 people’s lives.

Giving blood is an easy – and important – way to give back.

All It Takes Is a Text Message

You text all day, so why not text for a good cause?  Simply text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to the Red Cross.  In the wake of Hurricane Sandy on the east coast, there are tons of people and families in need.  Our guest blogger Melissa G. knows this all too well. Don’t have the funds?  That’s ok.  If you want to help the eastern shore, collect cleaning supplies, clothes, canned goods, toiletries and more and ship it to an east coast shelter.  These donations will certainly help on the road to recovery.

You say “Volunteer”, I say “Non-profit Intern”

According to InternMatch internships at nonprofit are a great way for students to explore potential career interests while championing a cause that has meaning to them. Speaking from experience, it really is a great way to see the hard work of your efforts paying off right in front of your eyes. This also looks fantastic on your resume and is a great talking point for job interviews.

Mission Totally Possible

Do you feel the urge to travel? Besides study abroad there are other options to volunteer for global organizations. A project such as this will require a few weeks or months, but may be an alternative solution to a summer internship. Find out about missions that are for groups or for individuals.

Any plans this holiday season to volunteer or give back? Tell us about it!

Written by Guest Blogger, Alycia Terry


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