#WinterProblems…and Their (Simple) Solutions

As autumn slowly fades away into winter, the weather becomes chillier, the wind becomes stronger and our hair and skin take on a life of their own. We tested out some easy home remedies for all sorts of #WinterProblems…and this is what we came up with:

#WinterProblem 1: Chapped Lips


During the change of seasons, the combination of wind and cold air often results in uncomfortably chapped lips. The simple solution? Dab on some extra-virgin olive oil once or twice a day to moisturize the delicate skin.

#WinterProblem 2: Static Hair


Static cling leaving you with hair reminiscent of a porcupine? Grab a dryer sheet and wipe hair down from root to tip. You’ll be left with smooth, fresh smelling strands that are static free.

#WinterProblem 3: Sore Throat


Sore throats have many possible causes. Usually they indicate the start of a cold or virus, which causes inflammation in the membrane of your throat. However, if it’s just a small “tickle” and you’d rather lay off the sometimes drowsiness-inducing medicine, try an easy combination of lemon juice and honey. Whether you add it to your tea or gargle the mixture on its own, you’ll appreciate the soothing sensation in no time.


#tbt (To Be Tested): We’ve been hearing rumors about a trick for unshrinking a wool sweater for some time now…and we’re just dying to know whether it actually works. Word on the street (or web, rather) is that soaking your beloved, shrunken garment in a lukewarm mixture of hair conditioner (about 2 spoonfuls) and water (bathtub or sink) followed by stretching the wet item to its original shape (and letting it dry) will leave you with a sweater of the original size. Have you ever tried this? Did it work for you? Post a comment and let us know!


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