Dorm Décor: Brighten Up Your Room

Awesome Post-it Wall Art found on Pinterest

With a little Pinspiration and creativity making your space reflect cheerful and chic is easier than you think. Little pops of bright colors can help you overcome the dulling effects of the winter months while a color scheme and strategic use of patterns and decorative items can make your room look pretty and pulled together. While you probably can’t paint the walls of your dorm or pick the carpet color, there are (literally) hundreds of other ways to make your room reflect your individuality.

DO Pick a color scheme.

DON’T Become a slave to it. Pops of other colors can be a welcome relief to the eyes after seeing the same colors over and over again. Additionally, adding a daring color can give your room a funky, eclectic feel.

DO try something simple like buying flowers. I prefer fresh buds, but there are a lot of beautiful silk flowers you can buy at most home good or craft stores.

DON’T spend a lot of money on real flowers. You can buy inexpensive (less than $5) seasonal bouquets at Trader Joe’s and some other grocery stores.

DO Use bits of patterned fabric or wallpaper as a cover for your desk, bureaus, or bookcase shelves.


DON’T Be tempted to use sealant (polyurethane) to attach fabric or wallpaper to your dressers or shelves if they are school property. It will not be worth it when the furniture becomes damaged and you have to pay for it at the end of the year.

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DO Use throw pillows on your bed, futon, or butterfly chair. You can even make your own with this DIY tutorial found here.

DO Use functional decorations. For Christmas I asked my parents to buy me colorful organizations and storage things. The set of fabric boxes my mom bought me from IKEA make my room look less cluttered and more stylish.

DO Create your own artwork and decorations. You don’t have to be a skilled painter or sculptor to make a collage, use colored post-its to create a mosaic, or decorate a bulletin board with paint & stencils. This is less expensive than buying ready-made decorations and can be completely original.

Give us some more decorating Dos and Don’ts in the comments below or tweet us pics of your awesome dorm room @BNCollege!


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