Ways to Save this Semester

Saving money in college should be a course all on its own. It can be difficult to be financially responsible when an exciting proposition comes along. However, saving money is easier than you might think and we’re here to help you stay on track.

1) Rent your textbooks. In addition to being a hassle-free and convenient solution to your textbook needs, renting also saves you a big chunk of money. Students who rent their books typically save more than 50% as compared to the cost of purchasing a new book. Sounds good to me!

2) Limit eating out. Even buying a $10 meal twice a week adds up. If you have a meal plan, get creative in the dining hall or shop smart at the local supermarket. Save eating out for special occasions.

3) Take advantage of on-campus or other free activities. Lots of colleges and college towns offer free or discounted events for students. Concerts, comedy shows…the possibilities are endless. Check your school’s website and keep your eyes peeled for any flyers or Facebook events.

4) Use the “one-week” rule to avoid impulse shopping. How often have you found yourself browsing online (probably to avoid studying)  only to end up buying shoes and clothes simply out of boredom. If you come across something you like , bookmark it and check back in a week. If you still really want it, consider making the purchase. Chances are you’ll forget about it the next day.

5) Pay any and all credit card bills…ON TIME. We cannot stress how important this is. In addition to building good credit, paying your bills on time avoids any interest charges which can get pricey. Mark it on your calendar and don’t forget.

How do you save some extra cash during the semester? Share your tips below!



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