Five Travel Tips for Your Spring Break

The greatest and most hyped up week of the spring semester is soon approaching. That’s right, spring break is right around the corner! Everyone has his or her own stories of beach days and endless nights. However, safety should always be a top priority. Whether you are road tripping to Panama City Beach or cruising to the Bahamas, keep these 5 tips in mind!

1. On the road…

Buckle up! Take turns behind the wheel. We all have that one friend who yells, “SHOTGUN,” but it’s important to make sure that no one is distracting the driver. Make sure everyone has a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration, and obey the speed limit!

2. At the beach…
Stay hydrated by drinking lots of WATER. If you start feeling light-headed, get in the shade immediately. Use sunscreen of at least SPF 15 and reapply often. No one wants to look like a lobster!

3. Going for a swim…

Make sure there is always a lifeguard on duty. If the tides look rough, wait until it’s safer. Try to stay within the designated swimming area and always bring someone to come with you.

4. Venturing out…

We all have that one friend who wanders off, so make a pact to look out for one another. If you are in an unknown area, stay in pairs. Go out with your friends, go home with your friends.

Get your passport…and don’t procrastinate!

5. Leaving the country…

You need a passport! The passport process can take awhile, so plan about 6 months in advance before a trip abroad. Having gone abroad last summer, I had to obtain certain documents. There was a high-demand, therefore I received it JUST in time! Make sure to get all the paperwork that is necessary as well.  When flying, remember to check out the Transportation Security Administration for what you can and cannot bring on board.

College is the perfect time to get a feel for the world. Live in the moment and don’t look back saying, “What if I went with them?” or “We should have planned something.” Stay organized and safe and your trip will a blast.

So what will you do this spring break?

Written by Guest Blogger, Melissa G. of George Mason University


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