6 Ways to Speed up your Morning Routine

Mornings are hard for everyone and getting ready in time is even more challenging. Here are 6 ways to make your morning routine a breeze to get through. Find even more tips and tricks for this tedious process in this cool article by ELLE magazine!

Tip #1: Take a shower at night! You don’t realize it, but taking a shower in the morning can take up most of the time you have to get ready. Sure, taking a shower might wake you up a bit. However, if you are constantly watching the clock, it might be easier and more productive for a quick splash of cold water on your face, rather than a full shower, to wake up.

Tip #2: Style your hair the night before (preferably after your shower!) If you style your hair the night before, getting ready becomes a piece of cake! If you have long hair or straighten/curl your hair everyday, put your hair into a high ponytail with a scrunchie before you go to sleep. The scrunchie won’t crimp your hair and the high pony will keep your hair from getting too messy. This way most of the work is done! All you really need to do is touch up your hair in the morning, which takes MUCH less time than actually styling it from scratch.

Tip #3: Organize your products! If you are an avid makeup-wearer or need your morning face creams/washes/etc… make sure to keep your products organized in an area where you can easily access it. This way, you’ll know where everything is and won’t run the risk of misplacing something vital which can seriously slow you down.

Tip #4: Plan your outfit the in advance. Even if it’s just a small idea of what you might wear that day, it is ALWAYS a good idea to plan your outfit. So much time is lost in the morning because of outfit changes. If you have a solid idea about what you are going to wear, you can just dress and go!


Plan your snoozing out…in advance!

Tip #5: Set an additional alarm to the one you have, for 15-30 minutes before you actually need to get up. This may sound horrible, but you don’t actually have to get up yet! You just have to wake up. If you are already somewhat awake by the time you need to actually get out of bed, it makes it that much easier to start your day. Think of it as a pre-planned snooze button.

Tip #6: Tape reminders to your bathroom mirror. If you are the type of person who needs to get a lot of stuff together in the morning, remind yourself by putting a list of things you need to do or bring with you in a place that you will see every morning. Little notes like these to yourself will make you more proactive about getting ready and will take a lot of the stress off of making sure you have everything with you.

How do you get ready quickly in the morning? Share your tips with us!

Written by Guest Blogger, Sydney Sheehan


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