Pintern Challenge: Vinyl Album Clock

Our next Pintern Challenge installment features our blogger, Myles, from Berklee College of Music. His second project is the PERFECT gift for music lovers, so check it out!

Hopefully, one thing your parents did not throw out over the years is their vinyl album collection. Converting your vinyl album into a clock might sound a little strange but, once it is finished, it looks awesome. If your dorm is decorated in a retro-style or you just love music, this project is for you! This project takes only 20 minutes to complete and it’s very inexpensive. Once the clock is created and hanging on your wall, be prepared for everyone’s expression of how at how spectacular it looks (and maybe a little jealousy).

I wish I could pin this project on Pinterest a 100 times!

What You’ll Need:

Old Clock (or parts from Michael’s)
Old Record
Glue Gun or Mod Podge Glue
Spray Paint (which I did not use)
White Paint or Whiteout

What You’ll Do:

Step 1: Level and Glue the motor onto the record.
Put your record in the position you would like to see on the wall (check to make sure the words are all straight). Place your motor on the back, and use a level to make sure if that is in the right position. Once you are satisfied with the position, glue the motor into place.

Step 2: Put the hands back onto the clock.

Make sure to place all hands at the “12” spot, so they will meet back up. You can now set the clock to the right time.

Step 3: Paint the numbers on the Record

Starting painting the numbers on the record. Let it dry for a couple minutes. Once you are done with the numbers you can adjust the clock for the right time.

This project is fun, unique, and unforgettable. The next clock I make is definitely going to be even more decorated. If you would like to look at the websites instructions please check it out here!

If you try it out let us know which artist you picked for your vinyl album clock! Let us know below in the comments!

Written by Guest Blogger, Myles Marcus


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