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A t-shirt & a living wage.  A hat & help for veterans.  It’s amazing how simple, everyday items can inspire & change the world– for good.  Read More.

Barnes & Noble College cause logo

Starting this Fall, look for this logo on signs around the store. It will help you determine products and brands that benefit causes.

As you read this blog, people all over the world, all over the country, and even in your community, are in need.  We know you are passionate about causes that benefit others and want to improve today’s way of life for all.  It’s important to you to give back– and it’s important to your college bookstore.

You most likely walk into the bookstore, find the t-shirt, sweatshirt or tailgate gear for game day, purchase, and head off to cheer on your team.  Unbeknownst to you, depending on the items you chose, you just changed a life.

At the college bookstore, we carry products and sell many items that have great causes associated with the brand.  Alta Gracia apparel pays its workers in the Dominican Republic a living wage, allowing families to obtain housing, access to health care and education for their children.  Operation Hat Trick gives back a percentage of proceeds to aid our servicemen and women, and veterans.  League Collegiate Outfitters works to rehabilitate and employ ex-gang members in Central America.  Barnes & Noble College, too,  helps those in need, donating $100,000 to Habitat for Humanity, Intl., supporting their work to provide everyone with decent and affordable housing.

Surprised by all of this good?  There’s even more.

There are many more products sold in stores nationwide, which have moving causes and ties, but how can you make the powerful decision to purchase an empowering product?  We want to make it easy.  So, we’re helping to call out the products which are an item…&…a cause.  Just look for the “&” logo on signs in store this Fall.  These signs will help you distinguish these brands in store.  Plus, soon, you will also be able to log on to your bookstore website to learn more about each brand and their helpful messages.

We are inspired by all of the great work students do on campus to help their communities and now we are giving you an easy and simple way to shop & inspire.


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