Get Organized Month: Keeping Up Your Calendar

We’re continuing our “Get Organized Month” series by tackling another important area of every students’ life – their calendar. Between classes, internships, and group meetings (not to mention the other hundred things college students have to worry about), keeping an organized schedule of events and due dates can be unbelievably helpful. Different systems work for everyone, but we’ve got some tips and insights to get you started! Keep reading…

Divide and Conquer

First, you need to determine what different types of information will go in your calendar and how to group them. Here are some good examples:

  • Meetings, Appointments, etc. – anything that requires you to be at a specific place during a specific time.
  • Tasks – the items on your to-do list. You can break these down by day, week, month
  • Due Dates – the time and date any of the above tasks must be completed
  • Events – birthdays, holidays, days off, etc

Think Broad…Then, Narrow It Down

A good way to start filling in your calendar is by starting with the bigger picture. Most planners come with a monthly calendar view and then break it down by week (with space for each day). Start by filling in the basic information in the monthly-view. Once you’ve done this, flesh out each item with more info in the daily planner.

Make sure there is ample space in each of the daily sections and include any meetings, events, and due dates that take place that day. It also might be worthwhile to fill in your task list (or To-Do List) each morning so you can focus on one day at a time.

Color-Coding is Key

It might sound corny, but color-coding is the easiest way to categorize tasks. Choose the method that makes the  most sense to you. Do you want to code all meetings/appointments as green, tasks as blue, etc? Or would you rather give each of your classes a separate color, each club its own color, your internship a color, and so on? Really think about how you break these categories out in your head and organize accordingly.

Keep It Updated

An out-of-date calendar is basically useless. Commit yourself to really keeping your planner updated and thorough. You’ll be surprised how much help it can be! Each month, sit down and break out what you have coming up for the entire month. Do the same thing each and on a smaller scale each day. This will help you prioritize and stay on task.

What tips or tricks do YOU have? Share them with us in the comments below!

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