Simple Ways to Go Green: Part I

Saving the planet should be a year-round mission, but with Earth Day rapidly approaching, we’re feeling particularly inspired to go green. Gather some inspiration of your own with our list of Simple Ways to Go Green below. 

1. SWITCH TO COMPACT FLUORESCENT LIGHT (CFL) BULBS – This is an easy fix and largely beneficial to you off-campus students that are paying your own utilities. These cool-looking light bulbs last up to 10 times longer than your traditional incandescent bulbs and only consume about ¼ of the energy, which means saving some major money in the long run. Getting paid to save the planet? Don’t mind if I do.

2. UNPLUG TECHNOLOGY THAT GLOWS – Did you know that electronics that are powered off are still responsible for an average of 25% of home electricity bills? Pick up some power strips at the store and plug in items like your TV, printer and cell phone charger. When you’re running out for the day, simply flip the switch on the power strip. This quick fix could save you close to $200 a year, while simultaneously helping our environment. Do it, or the robots win.

3. USE BOTH SIDES OF THE PAPER – Whether you’re taking notes in class or printing a study guide, it’s important to use the front and back of each page. It’s a painless adjustment – just set your printer’s settings to double-sided printing. Think of how many trees – and coins – we could save if we cut our paper usage in half! So many trees. So many coins.

4. DON’T RUN WATER WHILE BRUSHING – This may seem insignificant, but a little water wasted by a lot of people really adds up. If everyone in the U.S. rid themselves of this bad habit, we could save nearly 1.5 BILLION gallons of water in one day. That’s more than the total amount of water used in New York City in 24 hours. Mind = blown.

5. INVEST IN YOUR OWN TRAVEL COFFEE CUP – This is a great idea for all you coffee addicts- not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint, but you can actually save money too. Most coffee shops will gladly fill your reusable cup, and many will even offer discounts. (*Hint hint – if your school has a Barnes & Noble College Cafe, swing by with your reusable mug on Earth Day for a discounted coffee!). And if you need MORE proof that the coffee gods smile upon recycling: travel mugs keep your coffee hot for much longer than paper cups. The last sip CAN be as equally delicious as the first. Ah, #science.

Stay tuned for more tips! We’ll be back with Part II later this week. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Environmentally Friendly Pinterest Board!

Written by Guest Blogger, Sandy Gomez


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