Simple Ways to Go Green: Part II

As promised, we’re back with Simple Ways to Go Green Part II (if you missed Part I, you can find it here)! Doing your part to live a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle isn’t hard. Keep reading for more tips!

1. RECYCLE OLD CELL PHONES – With the rapid growth of new technology, devices – like cell phones – are quickly becoming outdated and tossed aside for newer, faster and cooler versions. Not everyone realizes that their batteries contain toxic chemicals that damage our environment. So instead of tossing your old phone in the garbage or having it collect dust on a shelf, sell it to a site like This way, you get some cash back, and your phone goes to someone that needs it. Everybody wins!

2. DONATE YOUR OLD STUFF – Don’t throw away any usable items! Clothes, for example, are a great donation because there will always be someone that needs them. You can even try trading clothes you don’t want anymore with friends. Sites like and Craigslist are great places to post items that you want to give away. Who knows, you might even make a few dollars AND make someone’s day. And maybe, in turn, that makes your day. Isn’t recycling the best??

3. TAKE SHORTER SHOWERS – Now, I know you like to belt out your own rendition of the entire new Beyoncé album in the shower every morning, but it’s not the most environmentally-responsible use of your time. Stick to the get in, get clean, get out routine. Beyoncé will be waiting for you when you move onto hair and makeup.

4. PAY BILLS ONLINE – I’m sure that many of you do this already, but it’s very important to share. Reduce your paper trail by taking care of loan and bill payments via the company’s website – some companies even offer you a discount for doing so. Be sure you opt-in for paperless (electronic) invoices and statements as well. You can even set up automatic payments for reoccurring bills so you have one less thing to get in trouble for forgetting each month. Yay Internet!

5. SHOP AT THRIFT STORES – Lucky for us, vintage is the new black! Shopping at thrift shops is a great way to find clothes and styles you wouldn’t find anywhere else – for a fraction of the price of something new. They aren’t exclusive to “old” clothes/shoes/bags either. Thrift stores more often than not have name brands, and luxury ones at that. Been drooling over the ultra-expensive black leather clutches at the Gucci store? A brand new one could be hiding at the thrift shop up the street – selling at about 5% of the store price. Run, don’t walk.

Do you have any green advice to share? Post a comment below!

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Written by Guest Blogger, Sandy Gomez


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