The Ultimate Memorial Day Menu

Need some last minute ideas for what to bring to the BBQ this weekend? Forget you’re throwing a MDW party (and all of your Pinterest-loving friends are going to be there)? Don’t fret! I have carefully crafted this short list of the most unique, yet patriotic, snacks and refreshments for you – and they aren’t even that hard to make. Let’s start off with a nice, cold mocktail…

‘MERICA MOCKTAIL – This delicious drink is simple – it’s made from Fruit Punch, blue Gatorade, and diet 7-Up or Sprite. Serve on the rocks for a tasty and refreshing treat!

For further instruction follow the recipe here.

Now, onto lunch…

THE ALL AMERICAN HOT DOG – Just your plain old hot dog on a bun…with blue mustard! Add some ketchup and diced onions and you’ve got yourself a red, white and blue frankfurter. This one doesn’t have an exact recipe, but my instincts say food dye. Be careful not to blue yourself!

If you’re in the San Diego area, check out this dog at Delux Coronado Gourmet Hot Dogs.

Let’s move onto dessert…

CUPCAKE BURGERS – O.M.G. I love these. They may make you cringe a little at first glance – totally get that. But listen to this list of ingredients: yellow cupcakes, brownies, colored frosting, and sesame seeds. I literally can’t think of anything better than a cupcake/brownie combo. Why is this not a thing? Come on, America! #comeon

Visit for the full recipe.

SNOW CAKES – I know what you’re thinking – “Oooh, little tiny snow cones! But won’t they melt fast?” Wrong! These adorable little snow balls are actually tri-colored cupcakes! Each snow cake is comprised of a dyed cupcake, colored icing, and red, white, and blue sparkling sugar. This one looks a little challenging, but the end result is pretty amazing – AKA – worth it!

Follow along with Bakerella’s recipe here.

For more great Memorial Day food ideas, search Pinterest for “memorial day snacks”. Let us know how your party turned out (or up)!


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