Winter Break Must-Haves

Ahh, winter break. What could be better than that feeling of pure relief after finishing your final exam? Knowing that you are on your way to a month+ of winter vacation before the all-too-quick arrival of spring semester, of course! This year, I have prepared a very special list of holiday must-haves that will ensure that all of my long-term lounging goals are fulfilled. I introduce to you, my Winter Break Wish List!

  1. EAR BUDS* – These are simply a non-negotiable for literally every situation, but especially for an extended stay at home. You can play video games silently in the middle of the night, listen to music while working out around the house, and even tune out irritating family members for lengthy periods of time. DO NOT LEAVE LIVE HOME WITHOUT THEM.
  1. COLLEGE HOODIE* – A fluffy, over-sized school sweatshirt is another winter break necessity – certainly a must-have for achieving optimal cold weather comfort. I like to think of mine as a friend that’s always there to give me a hug.


  1. HILARIOUS COFFEE MUG – Winter break is always filled with hot holiday drinks – ideally served in a sassy coffee mug. Pour a cup of hot cocoa, drop in some marshmallows, and let the wave of sweet nostalgia wash over you. This is home. Find yours at Zazzle.


  1. SUBSCRIPTION TV – The winter weather forecast calls for a morning of Hulu with an afternoon and evening of heavy Netflix. When the snow is falling and youare clearly not going anywhere, subscription services are there to save you from the impending boredom that awaits you. Pop on a season of 30 Rock and binge-watch the night away.


  1. SLIPPERS – What could anyone hate more than cold feet? Absolutely nothing. I’m sure of it. Slippers, as everyone knows, are the perfect compromise between the comforts of shoes, socks, and bare feet. No adult human should go a winter without a pair – even if you typically sport footed-pajamas. You know who you are. Slip into something cozier at ThinkGeek.


  1. GOOD BOOK – Winter break is the perfect opportunity to finally get to that book you’ve been dying to read. Find a cozy corner and let your imagination run wild! My pick for this year – The Andy Cohen Diaries: A Deep Look at a Shallow Year – because I just don’t know where I would be without BravoTV in my life. Order yourself a copy here.


  1. BEANIE* – Never underestimate the power of a great beanie. Besides looking cute on all girls and guys, they can save you from the roughest of hair days. Frizzy? Unwashed? Good ol’ beanie has you covered. Bonus: they keep your ears warm!


With these 7 amazing items, you will undoubtedly have the best winter break yet – I know I will! Did we miss anything? What’s on your wish list?

*Check your B&N College bookstore website for available options.


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