5 DIY Space-Saving Hacks

So, you’re finally headed back to school after a glorious winter break, refreshed from a month of relaxation and super excited to see your roommate. You quicken your stride to your dorm, practically bound up the steps, swing open the door to your room and… drop your bags in horror! The closet – did it? Did it.. SHRINK?? Your roomie is frantically trying to squeeze her stack of perfectly hung, unworn winter sweaters into her half (creeping steadily towards ¾) of the closet. “This can’t be,” you think, as you gaze back and forth from the unopened, bloated suitcases on her bed to your 2, 3, 4 bags full of cold weather clothes sprawled at your feet. As a single bead of sweat rolls down your forehead, you remember the 5 DIY closet hacks that The College Juice taught you…

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1. SODA TAB SPACE SAVERS – This is an extremely simple and (more importantly) extremely FREE space-saving hack that will work for ANY closet. Collect the tabs from as many soda cans as you can (2 for every 3 pieces of clothing you need to hang). Slide one tab over the hook of a hanger and thread the next hook (with its own tab) through that same tab so that each shirt hangs staggered below the one before it (the third hanger won’t need a tab) and voila! Now you’ll only need to use about 1/3 of the closet space!

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2. RUBBER BAND STRAP STOPPER – This hack isn’t so much about space as it is organization. If you have hangers without strap hooks, wrap both ends with a rubber band to prevent spaghetti straps and silky tops from sliding off and falling to their rumpled demise. You’re welcome!

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3. SHOEBOX STORAGE – These are meant for your dresser drawers but will help eliminate closet clutter as well. Take any t-shirts or tank tops that do not need to be hung up in the closet and start rolling! Now, each time you take a shirt out of your drawer you won’t make a mess. Plus, you can see all of your tops at once rather than ravaging through looking for the exact shirt you wanted (only to realize it doesn’t match)!

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4. TENSION ROD RACK – If you’re having trouble fitting your “shoe problem” on the floor of the closet, set up these quick and easy shoe shelves. Small tension rods should fit along the sides of your closet and larger ones will work across the entire width. Stagger two rods to hold heels or use equal heights for flats and sneakers. This will give you a whole extra level (or two) for those chucks you just NEEDED in every color.

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5. SEASON CHANGE TRUNK – An old trunk is the perfect place to keep the out-of-season clothes you have lying around. It will save space in the closet for the clothes you will be wearing regularly AND it can double as extra seating for any visitors. Another win-win!

DIY Closet Hacks Step Five

“Phew.” As you snap your trunk closed and lay back on your bed, you admire the way you and your roommate managed to perfectly fit everything into the closet, not an inch to spare. You breathe a sigh of relief. “Do you want to watch a movie?” your roommate asks as she crosses the room to close the door, “I was thinking something scary.” You open your mouth to respond, but nothing comes out. Behind her, stands a girl with an outstretched arm.

“Hi, I’m your third roommate, Cassidy.”


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