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“I’m bored.” – everyone, all the time.

If that’s you right now, I have your solution – Roadtrippers! This app is for anyone that loves to travel, enjoys a good adventure, or simply likes fun.

With a quick Facebook login, you’re on your way to an amazing destination, near or far. The app serves a number of different purposes and can be used for nearby outings or cross-country road trips. I’ve used Roadtrippers locally to find great WeirdNJ locations. I’ve used it on a road trip to find Old Burial Hill Cemetery where Hocus Pocus was filmed (be jealous). I’ve used it on vacation to find the Lalaurie Haunted Mansion from American Horror Story (be infinitely more jealous). Do you think I might have a weird obsession with offbeat attractions? Because, you’re right.

But even if you don’t share my passion for the strange and unknown, Roadtrippers can provide you with some sort of activity, sustenance, hospitality or entertainment that will put a big, toothy smile on that mug of yours. Let’s take a peek at its capabilities.

1. Look up attractions around your campus, your vacation destination, or along the route of your road trip. Choose from any of these categories (and subcategories):

  • Accommodations (Hotels, Chain Hotels, Offbeat Hotels, Motels, Boutique Hotels, B&Bs & Inns, Resorts, Vacation Rentals, Cottages & Cabins, Hostels, Spas)
  • Attractions (Tourist Attractions, Offbeat Attractions, Wildlife & Zoos, Amusement Parks, Museums, Science, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Stadiums & Arenas, Monuments & Memorials)
  • Food & Drink (Diners & Drive-ins, Restaurants, Bars & Pubs, Local Dining, Breweries, Vegetarian & Healthy Food, Cafes & Bakeries, Fast Food, Vineyards & Distilleries, Sweet Tooth, Seafood, Fine Dining)
  • Nature (National Parks, Nature Reserves, Beaches, Scenic Points, Natural Features, Lakes & Forests, Hiking, Parks & Gardens)
  • Points of Interest (Folk Art & Photo Ops, Film & TV, Abandoned, Local History, Other Historical, Historical Markers, Military, Native Culture, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Literature, Science, Architecture)
  • Camping RV (Campsites, RV Parks)
  • Entertainment (Nightlife, Music, Casinos & Gaming, Comedy, Shows & Stuff, Art, Races & Rodeos, Cinemas & Drive-ins, Theaters, Games, Tours)
  • Services (Gas Stations, Worship, Car Rental, Day Spas, Emergency, Tourist Info, RV Services, Libraries & Education, ATMS, Parking, Laundry & Cleaning, Banking & Mail, Health & Medicine, Airports, Buses & Trains, Auto Services, Salons & Barbers, Co-working & Startup Hubs)
  • Shopping (Antiques, Flea Markets & Thrifts, Clothing, Gifts & Souvenirs, Groceries, Specialty Foods, Liquor & Beverages, Offbeat Shops, Shopping Areas & Malls, Books & Music, Crafts & Homemade, Equipment & Gear, Farmers Market)
  • Sports (Stadiums & Arenas, Golf, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Adventure Sports, Water Sports, Winter Sports, Motor Sports, Cycling, Skate & Surf, Sports Clubs, Fishing & Hunting, Races & Rodeos, Other Sports, Gyms & Pools)

Screen Shots

2. Determine the miles & length of your trip, with the advantage of knowing how long until the next attraction and how far off course you would need to go to see another one nearby.

3. Determine the average amount of gas money needed to complete your trip.

4. Share your trip and attractions you have visited with your Facebook friends.

5. Read reviews & leave a critique for any and all attractions you have trekked to.

Plus much more, but I’ll let you find that out on your own! Roadtrippers is now available on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It requires iOS 7.0 or later. Visit the App Store to download it for free today.

From the biggest wind chime in America to the best fine dining in LA, you’ll find something to keep you from getting ‘bored’, wherever you are. So… grab a buddy and hit the road!


Where do you want to take your next road trip? Post a comment or tweet us @BNcollege!


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