Is Car Sharing for You? Find Out More about Zipcar

I remember it like it was yesterday.

I was a freshman in college, taking a Meteorology class to fulfill a Physics requirement. I didn’t know any of my classmates, but the material was fairly interesting and the lab assignments were manageable. Everything was running smoothly until my professor assigned us what he promised was a “new and exciting project” – we were to construct a fully-functional rain gauge. New? Yes. Exciting? Not a chance.

Nervously, I wondered, “How am I supposed to get the materials for this?” Freshmen weren’t allowed to have cars on campus and all of my friends were freshmen. I searched public transportation options, but was in the suburbs where those were limited. I considered asking a classmate for a ride, but the thought of browsing Home Depot with a stranger made me exceedingly uncomfortable. Panic began to set in.

I was going to fail. I was going to fail because I couldn’t build a rain gauge.

I eventually caved and called my dad for help. He had two very important things I needed: a thorough knowledge of Home Depot and (more importantly) a car. I remember feeling grateful he was close enough to come help me out, while simultaneously mourning how stranded I was without immediate access to a car. I did end up with an “A” on my rain gauge, however.


Now that I am older and (hopefully) wiser, I see the less glamorous side to that car ownership I so badly wanted during my freshmen year. The cost of gas, the cost of parking – don’t even get me started on maintenance – quickly add up. Yes, you can get where you want whenever you need to, but it will cost you. Public transportation is more cost-effective, but can be a cumbersome process. There has to be a more convenient and inexpensive solution, right? That’s where Zipcar comes into play. Zipcar is a car sharing service that offers an easy and inexpensive alternative to renting or owning a car. Plus, their options are much more convenient than public transportation!

But, what is car sharing?

Zipcar - Car Image


It’s the perfect solution for college students. Car sharing allows you to save hundreds of dollars over car ownership. Paying for gas and parking passes can be expensive, especially when your vehicle sits in a lot most of the time. With Zipcar, membership is as low as $6 a month and lets you book a car by the hour or the day. You’ll gain access to wheels when you want them, without any extra hassle!

So, is car sharing for you?

Zipcar - Find Out Button


Do you have any questions about Zipcar or car sharing? Check out their website or send them a tweet: @Zipcar

Plus, find out if Zipcar is on YOUR campus! Search here.


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