What I Learned During My College Career

When it comes to time spent in college, one thing is for certain: you learn a lot. Sure, some of this newfound wisdom comes directly from the classroom, but a lot of it comes from living on your own and meeting new people.

We surveyed some of our very own Barnes & Noble College employees to see what they learned during their time on campus. From sleeping habits to organization tips, they shared the ever-important piece of info, “What I Learned During My College Career”…



“Waking up after 12PM is a luxury. Cherish it.”

College students – like vampires and infomercials – often thrive at night. The option to take afternoon and evening classes makes it incredibly simple to fall into a nocturnal routine. However, with most “grown-up” jobs kicking off in the early morning hours, that 12Pm wake-up call quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Tip: Enjoy sleeping in while you can. Just make sure you’re getting enough sleep every night to keep you healthy and focused!

“It’s important to create a school-work-life balance for yourself.”

Between classes, internships, and everything else you have going on during the semester, it can be hard to find time for everything. Spending time with friends and enjoying your time on campus are important things to fit in as well.

Tip: Make work and classes your top priority, but pencil in some “fun” time as well. Add these items to your calendar and make sure you plan for them!

“Make friends with people in your classes. Their input and feedback will make you better at your craft.”

No one really enjoys sitting in a class where they don’t know anyone. Getting to know other students in your classes makes attending much more bearable. Beyond that, you can share ideas and garner feedback from someone else in the field!

Tip: Invite others to study with you or offer to edit each others’ term papers. Win-win!

“I learned the importance of managing your time. Between going to school and working, time management and accountability were skills I had to develop very quickly!”

Having a packed schedule can be overwhelming, but learning to effectively manage your time is a skill that you’ll use for the rest of your life.

Tip: Each week, build out a calendar for yourself. Work on higher-priority items first and tackle less important tasks later on. By keeping track of everything in one place, you’re less likely to forget something!

“If you’re not sure what you want to major in, take a variety of classes and see which captures your interest.”

There is nothing worse than filling your schedule with specific courses, only to realize you have zero interest in the topic you’ve chosen. It’s important to determine where your interests lie.

Tip: Take a few classes that cover a wide variety of subjects. If one interests you, speak with your professor about other courses in that area. You might be surprised by where you end up!


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