Business Casual Decoded

After months of applications and interviews, you’ve finally landed your dream job – congratulations! Now, it’s time to get down to business…business casual, that is. Not only is it important to look professional in the eyes of your supervisor and co-workers, but it’s important for your own self-confidence in the workplace. Starting a new job is hard enough, you shouldn’t have to feel anxious about what you’re wearing too!

Living on a college budget can limit what you spend on work attire, but have no fear! A few basics will have you a hop, zip and a button away from success. Mix and match these fundamentals to create up to 2 weeks worth of work outfit combinations:



  1. Long Tanks (Black, Gray, White)
  2. Dress Pants (Black, Gray)
  3. Blazer (Black, Gray)
  4. Pencil Skirt (Black, Gray)
  5. Cardigan (Black, White, Gray)
  6. Kitten Heels or Flats (Black)

Keeping your work wardrobe in neutral shades makes it easy to mix & match!



  1. Neutral Long Sleeve Button Downs (White, Blue, Gray)
  2. Dress Pants (Black, Gray, Navy)
  3. Khakis
  4. Solid Color Sweater (Gray, Navy)
  5. Blazer & Tie (Black, Gray) – for presentations, meetings with clients
  6. Dress Shoes (Black, Brown)

If you want to throw in some more unique pieces that you can mix your basics with, go for it! Over time you’ll be able to build up more of a wardrobe. For the ladies, a nice patterned dress, infinity scarf or boldly-colored sweater might break up the monotony. For the gents, a patterned shirt and tie combo or pastel button down could do the trick. It’s really up to you to decide on your style, just keep within the guidelines mentioned above. Stay away from jeans, shorts, short skirts, hats, and sneakers. Many times, HR will let you know what is acceptable vs. not acceptable attire when you first start your position.

And if all else fails… look around you! Observe your peers and upper management to determine the dress standard in your office. When in doubt – DRESS UP!

[[All outfits are from H&M –]]


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