Frame Your Future with Church Hill Classics

Scholarships can often be an intimidating thing to apply for. There is either a long list of criteria to meet or a marathon application to fill out…and both scenarios can be downright discouraging. That’s why we’re excited to share with our readers a different kind of scholarship from Church Hill Classics, the premium diploma frame provider for our Barnes & Noble College Bookstores!

Frame My Future

The 7th annual Frame My Future Scholarship honors five winners and encourages students to get creative with their submissions. Rather than focus on previous accomplishments, students are asked to submit a digital entry piece showing how they frame their future and what they hope to achieve, both professionally and personally, after college. Entries can range from a photograph or collage to a short essay or painting. Once all entries are submitted via the online entry form, Church Hill Classics selects 24 finalists to move onto a voting phase. After the voting is over, the five scholarship winners are determined.

Are you Eligible?

Any student (and legal U.S. resident) attending a U.S. college or university full-time for the 2015-2016 academic year is eligible! This includes community colleges, undergraduate degrees, and graduate schools.

Previous Winners

The Prize: A Win-Win!

Four winners each snag $1000 scholarships, PLUS one Grand Prize Winner earns a $1000 scholarship and a $1000 donation to their 2015-2016 attended college or university! This donation goes toward the school’s endowment fund which helps other students continue their education. Win-win!

Find out more information about the Frame my Future Scholarship AND how to enter here. You can also like Church Hill Classics on Facebook for updates on the scholarship and other fun contests for college students.

Showcasing Your Achievements

As we mentioned before, Church Hill Classics provides amazing, officially-licensed diploma frames for our Barnes & Noble College campus stores. Head to your B&N College bookstore website and search “Church Hill Classics” to check out all that they offer! After all your hard work, you’ll want to make sure your diploma is protected and can be professionally displayed. By the way, what a great graduation gift to ask your parents for!

Church Hill Diploma Frames


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