Money-Saving Tips for the Savvy Student

Money Saving Tips for the Savvy Student, from the Experts at SALT

SALT™ is a nonprofit educational program with free articles, tools, and lessons to help college students take control of student loans and gain real, useful money knowledge for college and beyond.

So we’ve got a little insight into the secrets of saving money on your college education. Here are five tips that can help you right now:

#1 Enter the SALT Has You Hardcovered $1,000 Sweepstakes

If you’re fighting off the beginning-of-the-semester blues, we’ve got a free way to build up your bank account AND cover the cost of school supplies, books, food, and more. Join SALT and enter to win $1,000.* Enter here.

#2 Apply for scholarships. Lots of them.

Forget everything you know about scholarships and remember this: they’re basically free money, they’re for everyone (not just students with the highest GPAs or the biggest financial needs), and they’re all over the place. Watch one of our experts tell you more.

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#3 Grab a part-time job.

Obvious, right? Grabbing a part time job or internship won’t just give you a few extra bucks while you’re in school, it’ll help you pad your resume for graduation! Time management and proper planning are key to making this set up work. Find more tips and information about balancing work and school here.

#4 Make a budget, and stick to it.

We know this is easier said than done, but you’d be surprised by just how much money you can save by keeping a close eye on it and cutting out the stuff you don’t need. This SALT spending calculator is a great place to start. Determine where your money is going and work to improve your budget!

#5 Get rid of your loans (without actually paying them).

Nope, we’re not just spouting nonsense. If you’re worried about repayment after graduation, we’ve found over 60 ways to have your loans forgiven, discharged, or reduced. 60! Don’t believe us? We’ve got the eBook to prove it.


There’s plenty more where that came from over at! Don’t miss your chance to win $1,000 to help cover the costs of school in the SALT Has You Hardcovered Sweepstakes. *

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