Spring Cleaning Challenge

Excuse me while I shout this from the virtual rooftops,


No more snow, no more cold, no more runny noses, and most importantly, no more CLUTTER! Yes, you read that right. Spring cleaning is not only a college necessity, but you will feel SO much better when you have gotten it out of the way. This year, I challenge you to do a cleanse of 3 important areas of your life: your dorm room, your school work, and your social life. To complete this Spring Cleaning Challenge, you must finish the 4 tasks under each category. Ready, set, go!


  1. WASH UP – Strip off your sheets and blankets, grab your towels and get washing! If there are any other items you use more than once that need a good cleaning (jeans, hoodies, cardigans, etc.), throw those in the washer along with them.
  2. WIPE DOWN – Q: How long has it been since you washed the floor? A: Too long. Pick up a Swiffer and start scrubbing – don’t forget under the bed!
  3. DUST EVERYTHING – Make sure you get the tops of your furniture, the tv, the microwave, the window sill, the fan. Dust is literally everywhere, so you can’t go wrong by giving everything a quick swipe.
  4. WARDROBE SWITCH – Pull out all of your winter clothes from your closet and unpack your spring/summer outfits. Now, swap them. There’s no sense in taking up space with sweatshirts and boots you won’t need until the Fall.


  1. BACKPACK CLEANSE – Dump out all of the compartments of your backpack/purse/tote – whatever you use to carry books and sort through it. If you don’t need it – toss it!
  2. DESK RE-ORG – Go through your drawers and sort through the papers, notebooks and straight up junk you’ve accumulated throughout the year. Get rid of what you don’t need and organize everything that you do!
  3. PLAN…WITH YOUR PLANNER – Self-explanatory? Put your planner to use (finally) by writing down due dates (homework, papers, projects), your upcoming exams, and any group meetings/events you will be attending.
  4. SCHEDULE STUDY SESSIONS – Start fresh with a plan for how you will break down your studying leading up to finals. Mark your schedule on a calendar or in your planner so that you know when you need to block out time!


  1. UNFOLLOW THE UNHAPPY – Is your Facebook feed filled with complaints about school, rants about the weather, and passive-aggressive statuses? Do yourself a favor and unfollow the negativity. Don’t let bad friends bring you down and cut ties with any pessimistic energy.
  2. DELETE DEAD APPS – If you’re de-cluttering everything else, why not add your phone to the list? Delete apps that you don’t ever use to make space on your phone for more important things (i.e. embarrassing pictures of your friends).
  3. START FRESH OUTDOORS – Come up with some activities you can do outdoors alone or with friends. Explore your campus. Getting some much-needed vitamin D and fresh air will reboot your outlook on life and the rest of the school year.
  4. G-Y-M WITH YOUR B-F-F – Find an exercise buddy. Another great way to get a fresh start on the remainder of the year is to change up your lifestyle physically. It isn’t always easy to start going to the gym, doing yoga, or going running, so ask a friend to commit with you. Schedule out time every day (or every other day) to get some exercise. Endorphins are your friend!

Feeling inspired? Get a printable version of the checklist! Find it here.

Did you finish all 12 tasks? How do you feel? Let us know what you think about our list in the comments below or tweet us @BNcollege!


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