Finally, One Less Thing You Have to Overpay For…

The last traces of snow are (finally) melting and spring is officially in the air! A thick, heavy beard is no longer necessary to protect against the harsh winter winds. What better way to prepare for the warm rays of the sun than with a nice, close shave?

When it comes to grooming, it seems there is a constant battle between needing high-quality products and wanting to leave your wallet relatively unharmed. That’s where Harry’s comes in. This burgeoning, New York-based company is dedicated to providing men with the quality craftsmanship that leads to a great shave. And their razors? A total steel (we couldn’t resist – sorry!).

Harry's Razors

We are sure you’ll be as big of a fan of Harry’s as we are. Let’s take a look at why…


Building the perfect shave set wouldn’t be possible without customer input. According to co-founder, Andy Katz-Mayfield, the company’s trump card is its bond with fans. “What our customers say matters,” he says. When feedback indicated that that initial blade geometries yielded a tug-inducing shave, Harry’s went back to the drawing board and came out with a “gothic arch blade that sacrificed a slight bit of closeness for comfort.” They took what their customers shared and developed a plan around those evaluations.

Harry's Razors

“The process of shaving isn’t the most comfortable thing,” admits fellow co-founder Jeff Raider. “We’re not saying when you shave, disco music comes on and your life changes. We just want to help guys take care of themselves.” With exams and other commitments dominating their time and energy, we’re sure most college guys will gladly accept the help.


Many people might be surprised to find out that, after raising $122.5 million last summer, Harry’s decided to invest $100 million in a 93 year old German manufacturer of premium blades. Crazy, right? Maybe not.

“Our first pillar had to be product quality, especially when you’re putting blades to your face,” mentions Katz-Mayfield. “With our (German-made) blades, there’s comfort without the pulling and tugging.” He notes that, prior to their investment, poor blade quality almost caused them shelve their start up idea. When they finally tried the new and improved blades, he couldn’t help but think “Yes, we have it.”

Harry's Razors

The amazing results? High-quality razors at factory-direct prices. A four pack of Harry’s five-blade razors will cost you a mere $8, whereas other brands often charge upwards of $15-$20. Even non-finance majors can make an effective purchasing decision here.


Another factor that is critical to a company’s success these days is giving back. To that end, Harry’s proudly touts the 1% of its sales and 1% of employee time dedicated to City Year, a New York non-profit that places young adults in schools to help stem the dropout rate, and Year Up, a non-profit that empowers low-income young adults to go from poverty to professional careers in one year.

They also runs a free educational and internship preparedness program for college students called H’University. The program lets students commit as much time as they can based off of their own schedule. They host online webinars taught by world-class entrepreneurs, provide “challenges” that give students the chance to apply the skills they’ve learned, and feature 100’s of internships available for students. If this sounds good to you (which it should!), find out more here.


Can you think of anything better than quality products at an excellent price? Let us know if you’d like to hear more about Harry’s – tweet us @BNcollege!


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