BNC Book Club: Euphoria

We love books and we love sharing the books we love with the people we love… you! As we know all too well, the semester isn’t always ideal for finding time to pick up a new book. That’s why we’re bringing you the BNC Book Club! Here, we’ll share with you the best of the best, new releases and our favorites to give you a curated selection of books for your summer reading pleasure. Love it? Hate it? Want us to review your favorite? Tell us, @BNCollege!

Euphoria by Lily King coverTITLE: Euphoria

AUTHOR: Lily King

CATEGORY: “Makes ‘ya think.”

OVERVIEW: Set in the 1930’s, the novel is the story of three anthropologists whose worlds collide in the uncharted territory of Papua, New Guinea as they’re studying newly discovered Tribes and cultures. Romantic and intelligent, and based loosely on the life of famed anthropologist Margaret Mead, Euphoria draws the reader in and throws them into a complicated love triangle amidst tribal dancing in the jungle.

THOUGHTS: After Euphoria graced the cover of the New York Times Book Review, I found myself intrigued by the novel… and grabbed it as soon as I could. Although I found the start to be a bit slow, I persevered and was drawn into the world that Lily King creates – the details and nuances of the tribal communities that she includes are fascinating. While we do find ourselves in the midst of a love-triangle, the novel didn’t veer into sappy territory, or find itself drifting toward the romance genre. The novel explores both male and female points of view and delves into the scientific aspects of anthropology at a time in history when it was a new subject and anthropologists were studying people that had never been understood or even seen before. Would I recommend it? Absolutely…and I already have. It was one of those books that kept me up late at night and one that I was sad to see come to an end. I suspect some readers may find themselves perplexed by the ending, but I think it only adds to the strength of the story and its ability to leave us thinking about it long after we finish it.


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