Fashionably Fit

Leggings are nothing new on college campuses – and hustling from the gym to class (or at least looking like you do) is a pretty normal part of most students’ lives. And yet, it’s suddenly super trendy to be seen out and about looking perfectly coiffed…and headed to SoulCycle or Barre? One word: athleisure, the latest (and greatest) trend in fashion. Now, before you go out buying some overpriced designer workout wear to add to your closet, take a minute to check out what you can snag at an affordable price right at your campus bookstore!

Quick Run Before Fun

Headed out for a run? Throw on one of our fun graphic tees, leggings and, of course, your water bottle! Transitioning this look from your jog to a coffee date is as easy as throwing a cute sweater on top. Really, who wouldn’t want to show off this fun tee!?

BU Born to Run

Get Your “Om” On

Come the weekend, you’re ready to get your OM on in yoga class. You really can’t go wrong with our fun Soybu graphic leggings and a breezy tank. Throw it all in your tote and you’re ready to relax…or hit up brunch after class!

fashionably fit2


It’s (Campus) Gym Time

When it comes to working out without breaking the bank, there’s no better place than your on-campus gym. If you’re doing some aerobics on your own or taking a spin class, this Under Armour bralette is the perfect choice. Plus, you can’t get your fitness on without the right playlist! Our JVC headphones come in handy, especially when you’re dancing in the weight room when no one’s looking (or when everyone’s looking)!

fashionably fit1

Like what you see? Check us out on Polyvore & share your own styling of your campus gear and you could be featured!

**Check your local B&N College Bookstore for availability**


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