When I Graduated from College, I Wish I Knew That…

Let’s all just come clean right now: graduating from college can be scary. If you’re part of this year’s graduating class, you might know exactly what we’re talking about. As exciting as that graduation ceremony is, it can feel a tad bittersweet – like the end of an era.

In a way, however, it really signals the beginning of an exciting adventure.

Luckily, we’re here to guide you through this tricky time with advice from those who have been there – our very own alumni. We asked each of them to finish this very simple, yet very important statement:

When I Graduated STRIP

Not surprisingly, the answers were insightful, helpful, and honest. Keep reading to find out what our Barnes & Noble College alumni shared with us…

Hillary_Advice– The University of South Carolina

Job applications can be one of the most frustrating things to do. The key is to persevere and remember that there are thousands of others going through the exact same thing! Keep your head up and stay focused.


– The University of Delaware

You can’t sit around waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a choice. Sometimes, you have to do the best you can and see where life takes you. The great thing about life is, you can learn as you go!


– Rutgers University

Professors are the perfect candidates for career mentors! They have experience in their fields and know what it’s like to work with college students. Pick their brains and see how they can help guide you!


– Penn State University

Sure, you developed that “five year plan”. If another great opportunity comes up, however, don’t feel restricted to what you think you *should* be doing! Life is about experiences and change is a big part of that.


– Rochester Institute of Technology

Knowing the trends and changes that take place within your field can be a key part of succeeding in it! Research best practices for applying for the types of jobs you’re interested in. When you know what employers are looking for, you can tailor your applications to their needs!


– Ursinus College

We all know that a good GPA matters, but your skills outside the classroom will also be crucial to your success after you graduate! When it comes to your career, look at your strengths overall and determine how they will help you do well in the future.


What do you think of our advice? Do you have any of your own to share? Drop us a line on Twitter – @BNcollege!

Congrats Grads - Body of Blog

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