Beach Day Summer Fun

No way would our summer activities series be complete without the requisite BEACH DAY! Hopefully, your summer will include more than one beach day – but no matter how often you’ll be hitting the sand and sun, we’ve got our favorite tips ready so you can make the most of your trip to the shore. Find our beach day must-haves below!

1. Beach Supplies

First things first – whether you’re going to the beach for the day or going for a week, you need to have the right supplies. While you may be quick to throw a towel and bathing suit in your bag and say ‘Done!’, we’re here to remind you that you need more than that! From flip-flops, to sunnies, sunscreen, and even a football or Frisbee to toss around, these essentials will keep you busy and protected from the heat and sun. If you’re feeling really ambitious, pack up some corn hole or even a volleyball net and bring along some friends or make new ones while you get competitive!

2. Books

Two words: beach read. We’ve got you covered, check out the latest in our BNC Book Club for the best book to bring along with you! Work your brain while you enjoy the sun and sea water.

3. Snacks

beach day

Don’t forget the food! When it comes to the beach, things get sandy…and by “things” we mean everything. So, when it comes to your lunch and snack time, keep it simple and pack up ahead of time so no one goes hungry (“hangry” is not the beach vibe we’re going for). Try making up a mason jar salad the night before – a super easy option to pack up and toss in your bag. Chips and salsa are always a hit with a crowd and, if you’re feeling ambitious, whip up this easy breezy guacamole and make everyone’s beach day a little better!

4. A Location

Most importantly, where are you going!? For you tri-state area (NY/NJ/PA) folks, the Jersey Shore is the way to go. With famous beaches up and down the coast, you’re sure to find one that fits what you’re looking for, and is close enough for you to get to without trouble. As for you West Coast dwellers, from Washington down to California, you have plenty of options and a variety of beaches to choose from. The Pacific Coast boasts State Park beaches and rocky shorelines that are gorgeous and hey, could be worth a weekend trip for those not from the area! For those in between, hit up the lake and maybe even a Great Lake if you can! Sand, water, and sunshine, sounds like a beach to us!


No matter where you end up this summer to #CaptureTheFun, share it with us @BNCollege, we love seeing your adventures!


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