BNC Book Club: Leaving Time

Title: Leaving Time

Author: Jodi Picoult

Category: Beach Read

Leaving-TimeOverview: A tale of grief and the strong bond of love between children and their mothers that spans time and generations. Piccoult’s latest novel revolves around a young teenage girl’s desperate search for her mother, an elephant expert, after they were dramatically separated during her childhood. Interspersed with the mother’s journal entries and scientific understandings of elephants’ reactions to grief and loss, Leaving Time creates a world filled with these large, loving creatures and a colorful cast of characters who come together to solve a decade-old mystery.

Thoughts: There really is a reason why Picoult implored reviewers to not reveal the ending of her latest novel. All I’ll tell you is this…it will absolutely shock you. Before reading this book, I had no idea that there was any secrecy around the plot and was, instead, lured into it by my own love of elephants and the fact that it was a hot new bestseller. I wasn’t disappointed. This is not your average Picoult book and, for those who have read her before, you know what I mean. Although the format is similar to her previous books, shifting between characters and weaving through time changes to create a whole picture, Leaving Time is a bit more…whimsical. While some of the chapters can feel a little stiff – and heavy on the zoological details of elephants – I found myself intrigued by how emotional elephants truly can be and, of course, devastated by the horrors of modern day poaching. I think I flew through the book in about a day. Yes, it is in fact that compelling and perfect for your summer vacation or getaway to the beach…just don’t forget the tissues!

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