Get Out There This Summer…and Hike!

This summer, we’re bringing you a series of blog posts featuring some of our favorite summer pastimes and activities. The best part? All are either free or inexpensive – a.k.a. pretty perfect for a student budget! Our first activity is in honor of Great Outdoors Month, which kicked off yesterday. What better way to enjoy the “Great Outdoors” than with hiking.



Now, don’t make that face at us! Hiking isn’t just for our “parents’ generation” or the “crunchy granola” types out there. We’ve found that getting out there and hiking can be one of the best weekend adventures you can have! And who doesn’t want a weekend adventure or two (or ten) this summer? Whether you’re tackling a local trail, or road tripping across the country to a National Park, hiking can be an incredibly satisfying experience. You’re working towards a final goal: getting to the end of the trail (or maybe top of the mountain). Here are some of our top reasons to try it out this summer…

First off, you’re getting some mega exercise and, possibly, at high altitude too! If you’re a first-timer, we’d recommend trying some trails that are a little easier to hike. Make sure you have the proper equipment: from shoes to bag and plenty of snacks and water.


Second, this is nature in all its glory! What better way to spend some time than getting in touch with a Mother Earth or taking in some new scenery with a different view? Even if you’re hiking the same trail for the second or third time, you’re seeing totally new things and the environment is constantly changing, giving you plenty to check out – or photograph for a later Instagram. Beyond the changing scenery, hiking gives you a great reason to get out of your environment and go somewhere new. The USA has a plethora of forests, mountains, and National Parks to explore, and the majority of them are FREE!

What are you waiting for…?

Need a place to start and don’t know where to look? AllTrails lets you plug in your zip code or a city or even a state and it pulls up all the nearby hikes, trails and walking spots in that area. They even give you reviews from other hikers and rate the trails so you know what’s best for you and what you’re looking for. Ready to take it your hiking skills on the road?  Check out Discovery’s list of top 10 hikes in the USA, including the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, and the Appalachian Trail. Take it from us, they’re so worth the weekend adventure.


Share your next hike with us using the hashtag, #CaptureTheFun!


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