The Perfect Picnic

Today, we’re celebrating International Picnic Day! No, we did not make that up…it’s a real ‘holiday’!

Sure, it’s not a holiday pre-printed on calendars and schools & offices aren’t closed, but we’re celebrating it anyway! Of course, we’re doing it in the best, summer, budget-friendly way. Ready for our tips, and ideas for the best picnic ever?


Picnic rule of thumb: You do not need ALL of the things (we hope you envisioned the meme in your head too). It’s easy to get caught up packing every little thing, that by the time you get to the actual picnic part, you’re overwhelmed with way too much stuff. Keep it simple and invest in a couple essential items, or hack your own pro-picnic gear with things you already have at home!

Let’s start with the basics, a picnic blanket? Anything will do, as long as you don’t mind the possibility of spilled food or drinks. Toss a shower curtain liner in when you’re packing up and throw that down on the ground first underneath your blanket to minimize any chance of damp butts (the horror)! Now, we’re aware you might not have a good ol’ fashioned picnic basket at home, but if you do, then use it! For those without, a recyclable shopping bag with plenty of Tupperware will do the trick. Coolers and bigger lunch boxes work just as well too, especially for those with items that need to stay cold. Luckily there are plenty of affordable and functional picnic baskets out there if you’re a regular picnic attendee looking for the best gear!

watermelon sticksOkay now for the important part…food! Picnic food needs to be two things, simple, and delicious. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas that fulfill both categories! The trick is making the food ahead of time so when you get to your picnic, it’s ready to serve and no extra prep is necessary. Salad’s are generally a go-to for a picnic, so why not throw some together and toss them in a mason-jar for simple storage and travel? Pick from some of our favorites here that combine salad with quinoa for a more filling, but still healthy option!

We all know that a picnic isn’t complete without something sweet. Love watermelon, but hate the sticky mess of eating it!? Our favorite solution: watermelon on a stick! Slice the watermelon up and put the slices on Popsicle sticks. Voila – the perfect fun and fruity dessert, without the hassle and mess.

Last but not least, set the mood! We’re obsessed with this simple, ingenious iPhone amplifier that requires NO batteries or electricity. It’s the perfect thing to bring along with you to make sure you have the best picnic soundtrack and possible impromptu dance party! Snag a deck of cards to play with or freeze some water balloons to use as ice packs….and toss them around once they defrost at the end of the day. Your picnic possibilities are endless!


There’s really no wrong way to picnic this summer, so throw down a blanket, invite some friends and picnic away! Share your pics and ideas with us – #CaptureTheFun & @BNCollege.


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