Yik-Yakking: Our Favorite Tidbits from Today

It’s Social Media Day 2015 and we’ve got all of our favorite social apps on the brain. One of our favorite activities lately involves combing through the hilarious musings that filter through the Yik Yak feed all day long.

For those of you who are out of the loop (no judgement!), Yik Yak is a completely anonymous app that pinpoints your location and allows you to ‘yak’ about…well, just about anything. It’s sort of like an anonymous version of Twitter, but you can ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ yaks in your area. Yaks that make it to the top of the ‘hot’ list are either super-specific to the college campus or area, or completely random, hilarious, and relatable. Sure, they might not be brilliantly refined or academic topics, but we dare you to comb through your feed without giggling once or twice.

In case you’re still feeling hesitant, we took it upon ourselves to scroll through our own feeds and pull in some of our favorite tidbits from Barnes & Noble College campuses across the country. Check out what we came across today.

1. Vanderbilt students will get you thinking with this one:


Yik Yak Vanderbilt


2. WVU rethinks reincarnation:




3. Tulane student faces reality of post grad life:



4. This serious piece of truth from a Tennessee Tech student:


Yik Yak Tenn Tech

5. Rochester student builds out a five-year plan:


Yik Yak Rochester


6. May the Force be with this Oakland University student:

Yik Yak Oakland

7. This lesson in fashion from Drexel:

Yik Yak Drexel


Well, there you have it. Gripping words of wisdom? Not necessarily. Insightful? Maybe. Worth scrolling through in a fit of boredom….for sure. Do you have any favorites?


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