Your Free Summer Concert Guide

Who doesn’t love a good summer concert?

It’s always at the top of our list of things to do once summertime rolls around. However, we don’t always love the price tag that goes along with dancing and singing to our favorite bands. Although we fully support the occasional (and some might say, necessary) splurge, we’re here to bring you a few alternatives that won’t break the bank.

Put your thinking cap on.

First things first, if you live in a major US city – or even a small city – you need to start with research! There are festivals and outdoor concerts happening all throughout the country and many of them are free if you just know where to look. New York City is home to a massive park system that is always throwing concerts from musicians of all genres. And lucky for you early risers, you can head over to an early morning talk show (like Today or Good Morning America) and catch a glimpse of your favorite stars there too!

For those on the West Coast, LA will be hosting over 300 concerts this summer, and most of them are outdoors – perfect for a group hang and evening picnic. Finding a great summer concert and getting your dance on is just a click, and a Google away, you just have to look for it!


When in doubt, volunteer!

Ready to take on a festival or two this summer, but not willing to shell out a couple hundred dollars for it? Volunteer! There are hundreds of summer music festivals going down this summer (almost one or more a weekend) and, of course, these events need staff and volunteers to work it.

Not ready to sign up yet?

Volunteers for music festivals often get VIP camping and tickets for the full weekend. So, when you’re not working, you can get out there and enjoy it! You can even sign up to volunteer with your besties. It’s the perfect  way to get a great weekend that combines some work outside in the sunshine and time with some of your favorite bands. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up backstage!

Check out the guide for festivals happening this summer here and click through to find out how to volunteer for each!

Go local.

Sure, you might not be able to catch your favorite big names for free…BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t branch out! Check your town or city’s local paper or website for events going on nearby. Often, they’ll feature a free jazz ensemble in the park or a local band near your favorite cafe. It’s a great way to check out some new music.


Headed to a concert or festival this summer or volunteering for one? Share your concert pics with us! Be sure to include #CaptureTheFun.


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