#DownloadWorthy: MapMyRun

Ever wanted to go for a run, but weren’t sure which path to take? You wanted to avoid running the same loop over and over again, but didn’t want to fall short of the mileage goal you set for yourself.

Well, loop no more!

We recently discovered MapMyRun and we’ll never run the same route again! This app is perfect for any type of runner. Whether you’re just starting out, or training for your first marathon, MapMyRun has trails of all distances to suit whatever your setting out to do. Before you start, you can either choose a course that another person in your area has run, or you can create your own course based off of the distance you would like to go. You also have a ton of options regarding the type of run you’re going to do. From “dog walk” to “run interval training”, the app caters to every sort of workout you could want.


During your run, the app tracks your distance, duration, calories burned, speed, elevation, pace and route traveled. Once you finish your workout, you save the information to your account and revisit old runs to track your progress. There are options for music that coordinate with playlists you have on your phone and there’s even an option to have a coach during your run. It’s like having your own personal trainer right in your headphones!

Along with the fitness aspect, the app allows you to log your weight and food intake for the day. This helps you figure out how much progress you’ve made if you’re trying to lose weight, as well as more accurately project how many calories you are burning during your workout.

Not a runner? Don’t worry! The app has options for road cycling, mountain biking, push-ups, sit-ups and more! No matter the intensity or type of training, MapMyRun in definitely #DownloadWorthy.

Written by Guest Blogger, Gabriella G. of the University of Miami


Where are you running and what’s your #DownloadWorthy exercise app? Share it with us on Twitter or in the comments below!


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