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Swipe right, swipe right, swipe left, swipe right…match! Sound familiar? Well, get ready for the kicker….we’re not recommending you download a certain dating app! We’re actually helping you kick off the search for your next job! Introducing Switch, the app that integrates our love of social media (and swiping) with completely efficient and painless job hunting!

The concept is pretty simple – and yes, it has been called the Tinder of job searching – but what it comes down to is picking your city, and the job function you’re interested in. From there, your options pop up with a short description of the job and company, and you’re free to swipe right or left. Job function choices vary from Marketing to Architecture, to Driver to Human Resources.

Before you start swiping, you need to fill out a brief profile with your name, experience, education and the job function/area you’re looking for. All of this information is kept private until you make a match. For those not up on the lingo, “matching” is when you and an employer both swipe right on each other. Once a match is made, you can chat immediately via Switch with the recruiters. Switch is still fairly new to the app store, but it received a hefty $2.5 million in seed investment money…so it must be pretty good, right!?



There are a few downsides to the app, but these can be attributed to its newness. As of right now, though a job may be on Switch, your right-swipe doesn’t necessarily count as applying for the position. Instead, the position may require further action and applying. When these jobs come through, you’ll get a quick email from the app with the information for you to follow through with finishing the application. Though these next steps may defeat the purpose of the quick swipe method of finding a job, the app still provides you with plenty of job openings that you may not see on other popular sites and gives you the direct link to apply with further steps if need be. With more job applicants and company recruiters signing up to utilize the app in their respective searches, it will inevitably create a much broader job ‘market’ for you to swipe away on.

Our recommendation? Totally worth checking out. It’s right on your phone and is a great to jumpstart your job search.

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