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In the midst of a long weekend, fireworks, parties, and the beach days that surround the Fourth of July, we might just forget to honor some of the amazing American-made products we see in our homes and shops!  It’s a rarity to find items that are still made here in the country and while there has been a recent resurgence in bringing manufacturing back here to the states, you may be surprised to find that some of these brands have a long history of making their goods here at home in the good ol’ U.S. of A. So check it out, get shopping… and let freedom ring!

  • Does 501 denim ring a bell? Levi’s classic and ‘original’ denim 501 series of jeans have been manufactured in the USA since 1873. Originally made for workers that needed the most durable jeans around, the 501’s have endured through time and although they may have gotten a few stylish upgrades since 1873, they remain a classic denim choice for both men and women alike.


  • Shop your favorite arm party and positively charged jewelry by Alex & Ani in good conscience, knowing that they’re all made here in the USA! Home-grown Alex & Ani manufactures right in Rhode Island. Shop bangles with your school logo, or create your own stack of red, white, and blue to match your spirit this 4th!


  • Did you know some of our favorite ice cream is born and bred in America? Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has been made in Vermont since 1978 and has been going strong ever since. You can tour their Vermont factory, which of course offers a tasting of their cleverly named flavors, making the trip up there soo worth it. But if you can’t roadtrip north this summer, we recommend grabbing a couple pints from your local grocery, because what says summer better than ice cream on the Fourth of July?


  • Shinola plans to bring manufacturing and industry back to Detroit. While they may be faced with a few obstacles, Shinola creates some gorgeous watches, notebooks, different leather-goods, and even bicycles in the Detroit area! Shop their site for an inside look into their factories, their employees and the story behind their brand and what makes them such an intriguing asset to American manufacturing and commerce.



Are you shopping patriotically this Fourth of July? Besides going for the big brands like these, we recommend checking out local artisan markets where you can often shop local and shop American-made goods! Tell us about your favorite Made in the USA items on Twitter or in the comments below!


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