BNC Book Club: A Work in Progress

Title: A Work in Progress

Author: Connor Franta

Category: Beach Read

Overview: He’s a YouTube star/influencer/tastemaker/celeb. In his new book, A Work in Progress, Connor Franta goes beyond his videos in this touching and colorful memoir. With the humor and honesty fans will recognize from his famous videos, Franta describes growing up in a big family in a small town in Minnesota and how that loving family helped to shape him as he grew up. He’s open about his struggles and insecurities, and his heartfelt story will inspire readers.

Thoughts: Franta does ALL OF THE THINGS! And he does it so well! He’s a philanthropist and works with The Thirst Project. He’s a music curator and just released the third volume of his Common Culture playlist which spotlights under the radar and up-and-coming artists. Oh, and he wrote a memoir!

Despite all of his accomplishments, never once does Franta’s book come across as “bragging.” If anything, he’s humble and open about his insecurities and the daily hurdles he continues to jump. Interspersed with personal photos of Connor and his family, or photos from his Instagram (he’s a super talented photographer BTW), the memoir reads as a series of short essays with snapshots of his life, his thoughts, and memories that all come together to form a fuller character…one that goes behind the scenes of his YouTube videos. He’s inspiring, and readers are almost guaranteed to walk away from his book thinking ‘hey, I can do amazing things too!’

Quotes to Note: 

“Life is about looking beneath the surface and seeing what lies beyond appearances.”

“Let other people apply the labels, but don’t let that label become your straitjacket. In fact, use the opportunity to take those labels and redefine them. Enhance it. Expand on it. Break through the barriers and limitations. Carve out an identity that is unique to you. Don’t agree to be marked, filed, and put into a box that will hinder your true potential.”


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