BNC Book Club: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Title: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Author: Marie Kondo

Category: Makes You Think

Overview: The subtitle of the book reads ‘the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing.’ Well, let me tell you…Kondo goes beyond art and deep into the lifestyle of de-cluttering and organizing. Coined the ‘KonMarie Method,’ Kondo details how she successfully declutters and tidies the homes of her clients.

With precision and simplicity, she gives you step-by-step directions to tackle the task yourself. They range from the precise order you should sort through your belongings, to the best types of boxes to use for your storage. In case you’re wondering, it’s shoe boxes with lids.

Thoughts: Overwhelmed. The thought of the daunting task of ‘tidying up’ – aka clearing out all of my possessions in one fell swoop – is a terrifying prospect. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a bit too sentimental and tend to keep items far beyond the time that they’re useful. The first step to the KonMari Method is discarding….and discarding a lot. Her criteria is this: if an item doesn’t ‘spark joy in you,’ then it’s best to get rid of it. Think of all the things you have lying around at home or in your room that don’t bring you joy!

The method requires the tidying to occur all at once, rather than doing little by little each day. It can be pretty perfect for a pre-back-to-school clean up or just as a productive summer activity. You’ll be shocked by home much stuff you have – and by how much of it you don’t mind parting with. Kondo insists that once your space is tidied, it will change your entire life. And doesn’t need a little positive change in their life?

Quotes to Note: 

“Sort by category, in the correct order, and keep only those things that inspire joy. Do this thoroughly and quickly, all in one go.”

“As you reduce your belongings through the process of tidying, you will come to a point where you suddenly know how much is just right for you.”

Dashed Lines

Have you used the KonMari method in your life? Share your thoughts with us and your recommendations for the next BNC Book Club with us on Twitter or in the Comments below!



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