College Nutrition Rules to Live By

Picture this: you’ve moved out of your house for the first time and – suddenly – there are *~no rules~*. Mom isn’t cooking dinners filled with leafy greens and Dad isn’t checking in regularly to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water. You’re free to nosh on whatever you want, whenever you want. We get it.

While the food freedom appeal is real, waffles and ice cream for dinner or grilled cheese and french fries for lunch is going to get old reeeeeal quickly. Plus, ignoring your mom’s “eat your vegetables!” pleas is actually not a good idea – though definitely tempting. Before long, your body will feel the effects of your new…well…diet.

You know that sluggish afternoon feeling? It comes from more than just staying up a little too late the night before. Your diet is just as important for keeping you alert and feeling on top of things. You certainly don’t need to nix everything but pure health foods – everything in moderation, after all – but you definitely should try to incorporate some more nutritious options into your daily eating habits. The best part? It’s simple!

Load up on veggies.

When you’re grabbing lunch, dinner, or “linner” (is that a thing?) at the dining hall, make sure you add plenty of vegetables to your meal. They’re tasty, they’re full of health benefits, and they always make you feel good when you eat them! They also serve as a fabulous side dish; so if you’re feeling a bit sluggish, replace one of your sides with veggies instead.



Keep some fruit in your dorm.

Fruit is chock full of all the good sugars you need in your diet. Stock up that mini-fridge with your favorite kinds and grab a piece after a meal to fulfill that sweet craving, or have some in the afternoon for some quick and healthy energy. They say it only takes 30 days to break and start a new habit – why not try out breaking your dessert habit by reaching for fruit instead? You may surprise yourself!

Drink PLENTY of Water.

We know, you’ve heard this one before. Not only are the health benefits of drinking water basically life-changing, but adding some extra H20 into your daily routine is super easy. Get yourself a good water bottle and carry it with you everywhere…it’s that simple. The recommended amount of water you should be drinking on a daily basis is about half your body weight in ounces. Okay, that may sound like a lot, but it’s really only a few refills of your water bottle throughout the day. You’ll notice a difference pretty quickly too; from the great benefits for your skin, to the energy boost, and the fact that your body will just function better altogether.

“Treat Yo Self”

Though maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is always the goal, you definitely deserve to treat yourself to the good stuff every now and then! Everything in moderation, right? When you’re stressed over finals and you could really use an extra cookie, don’t feel bad about letting yourself have it.

Written by Guest Blogger Illana S. of Rutgers U. 


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