School Supplies with an Upgrade

It’s almost that time of year again…back to school. Between the commercials blaring on every channel and the massive signs flanking most of the aisles in every store, it’s a time of year that’s hard to forget. Before you brush off “Back to School” as a season dedicated to No. 2 pencils and blue books, check out our five favorite school supplies…with an upgrade!

#1 For Staying Organized


These aren’t the binders you remember from elementary school. Ditch the textbook/notebook combo and consolidate! These binders are as durable as ever, making it simple to organize your loose-leaf textbooks. Easily take notes and keep all of your papers organized in one spot. Binders #forthewin!

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#2 For Crunching Numbers


Yes – we all remember the day we FINALLY got that *~fancy~* graphing calculator (#TBT). Since then, those TIs have gotten some major upgrades. The TI84 Plus: CE Slim Calculator now boasts slick features and a sleek design. Stay on top of your math game with the rechargeable battery and high-res screen.

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#3 For Staying Fully-Charged


We all know that feeling – the feeling of sheer panic you get when your phone battery life creeps more and more closely to 0%. Don’t be that person scrambling to find an outlet in the lecture hall, pick up a portable charger! Keep your phone charged and ready, even when you have a three hour lecture ahead of you.

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#4 For Taking Your Notes Up a Notch


This pen might not literally be magic, but it sure feels like it! Using Bluetooth technology and special paper, all of your handwritten notes from class are transferred directly to the app on your phone or tablet. It leaves you with NO excuse not to study, PLUS you can easily send and share the PDF versions of your notes with your study group. If that isn’t enough, you can always record your lecture with the pen and add that to your notes as well. Who needs Hogwarts when you have this magic wand at your fingertips?

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#5 For Those Extra Workouts


When it comes to Yurbuds, there are only three words you need to know: They. Don’t. Budge. Run, walk, bike – get moving without worrying about them falling out or getting tangled. Keep the music going with these specially-contoured headphones that are made to stay, while you’re on the go.

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Add all of these items to your shopping list. Check your Barnes & Noble College campus bookstore for availability!

Is there a supply we missed? Tweet us @BNcollege with the scoop!


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